About Sue

Sue’s belief in the power of laughter has been FUNdamental in her many roles in education as a teacher, staff developer and principal. Her current professional passion is using stand-up comedy to promote mental health and well-being and literacy in schools.

She is committed to building trust for educational clients based on her book Leading With TRUST.  As a former VP and Principal in Toronto, Sue has continued her 35-year career as a speaker and author of four books. She has had a varied career in both elementary and secondary panels, as well as central office leadership roles in three school boards.

Sue served as an elected member of the Retired Teachers of Ontario, provincially and with District 39 (Peel), a three-time former Director on the Staff Development Council of Ontario, now known as Learning Forward Ontario.

Sue is an award-winning presenter and credits much of this to her unique sense of humour and ability to connect directly with people on critical issues. Her keynotes, workshops, webinars and e-courses are warmly welcomed by a wide variety of audiences where she cleverly combines laughing with learning — a foolproof recipe for a living room, classroom or a bored room.

She holds a Masters of Education degree from the University of Toronto and Supervisory Officers’ Qualifications. Sue is a contributing member of the Canadian Association of Positive Psychology, the World Laughter Tour (Certified Laughter Leader – Expert Practioner Level) and a Gold Member of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Sue is also the Executive Director of Stand UP For Student Well Being, a Not For Profit company, formerly known as Happiness at School. Visit the website for more info on this innovative program for grades 4-12 students focusing on mental health, literacy… and comedy!